5 Reasons Why You Need An Event Planner

To be or NOT to be? I can do it myself is often the notion of many couples-to-be...

So who is an Event Planner? What do they do? Are they worth the money?

These are often questions asked by couples-to-be wondering if Event Planners are truly worth it.

The job of an Event Planner is very simple and that is to make your life easier and we have highlighted 5 reasons why you need one:


- Budgeting: They help you to plan according to your budget and they foresee things that you may overlook whilst caught up in the whirlwind excitement of planning. Don't underestimate this.

- Vendor Relationships: They have connections. They have built good relationships with key suppliers and more than likely will be able to assist you in securing a good deal by negotiating prices for your big day.

- Security: They are your main point of contact and spokesperson with the vendors. So if a vendor is unable to deliver a service or product, your planner already has a plan that covers you for the day.

- Logistics: They oversee how everything is run for the day so if anything goes wrong during the day they have you covered in order for you to enjoy your day.

- Convenience: They do the dirty work for you. Quite literally. They help setup and coordinate your day from inception to reception. You can't put a price on peace of mind.

And here's why you should go with Estolade Events.

We know what it really takes to plan a wedding or a special event and we will guide you through the planning process by providing you with a custom planning timeline that breaks down every single aspect of the planning process and when it has to be completed. This allows you to know what is ahead and when you need to get on the ball and when you can take a deep breath and take a step back from planning for a little bit.

We make it our job to stay on task with the planning timeline and remind you when the next thing to be done approaches. Hiring Estolade Events as your planner is like hiring a partner for the wedding planning process as we ensure that we are in this together and you are not alone because we know the planning process can get overwhelming especially if it's your day.

Book a consultation today for free on 07739487984 and let us help you bring your special day to life.


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