Top Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Party

You just said yes. Your phone starts buzzing with a mixture of congratulatory messages and people trying to find out about who your bridesmaids are. Knowing this is one of the best days of your life, you would want your best girls and the right set of people by your side to support you.

Here's everything you need to know when choosing your bridesmaids.

It's very common for others to assume who they think would be on your bridal party and usually some expectations come from your family that your sisters or groom's sisters or even your cousins might be a bridesmaid. This can leave so many brides unsure of what to do.

Some questions to ask yourself before making your choices:

- Who will make you the happiest and give you less stress?

- Who will get along best with the bridal group?

- Who will put up with you in bridezilla mode (if you end up being one)?

- Who will help you plan your bachelorette party down to the details you would like?

Your bridal party are literally your backbone not just through the wedding planning process but in your everyday life.

Estolade Tip: Don't be sentimental when choosing your bridesmaids. Just because they asked you or you've known them a long shouldn't make you feel obliged to ask them. It's a very personal decision and you need to choose who is right for the job.

Identify their individual strengths and allocate tasks based on this to ensure peace of mind and less worry. It's very important to take into consideration your friend's capabilities in a financial, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional capacity so you know how well they can support you and what role you want them to play.

Estolade Tip:You may have friends that can't commit for whatever reason, that's fine they can still be a part of your day just assign them a few wedding prep activities so they don't feel left out.

Look out for the following qualities when making your choice:

  • Responsible- You need people that you can rely on to carry out big wedding planning tasks and are very organized and efficient and checks that everything is going according to plan.

  • Accountable- Someone that you can be accountable to and will be able to keep you in check amidst all the wedding planning activities and they also keep you grounded so you don't lose focus. This could be your maid of honour.

  • Supportive- There might be a few pre-wedding meltdowns and this is where you need someone that is good at providing emotional support for you.

  • Reliable- Someone that won't flake out on you mid-prep and can commit all the way.

  • Selfless- Being a bridesmaid involves a lot of sacrifice so you can't afford half-measures. You need people that will take on the tasks happily and treat the occasion like it's also their day and also support you in full capacity.

  • Understanding- There will be really intense moments (mind you this is not a reason to go full bridezilla) so you need people on the bridal party that will be very understanding and won't get offended quite easily.

  • Fun- This is a bonus but you need people that will make the wedding prep as fun as possible and will always lighten up the mood as a lot of brides seem to be quite tense during this period. They can be in charge of planning the hen nights/bridal showers.

With careful thought and consideration, you CAN have the full package on your bridal party. Do not rush the process of choosing, take your time to go over your options then ask yourself: Will I still be as close to this person in five years time as I am now? Because once you've asked them you can't go back so don't be afraid to go with your guts on this one.

We wish you a happy planning and for further planning services don't forget to reach out to us :).

Estolade Events xo